About Me

In my twenties, I did a short pottery course but did not continue with it. I am still the proud owner of a thirty four year old bowl which is still in daily use and a odd looking squirrel that watches the bird feeder from our conservatory.    

My first pottery – The Squirrel

I picked up clay again in 2018 and attended a 10 week evening class with Yoka (Siramik) which I enjoyed that much I went back at least 3 times. This gave me access to clay, a wheel and a kiln.

In 2019, I decided to start my own studio in a section of the garage on our small holding in Brechfa, Carmarthen – Wales. Semi retired but still working part time as a Management Consultant,  I try to get as much time playing with mud as I can get. Surrounded by lush fields and forest my studio is an outlet for my creative side.

My dream would be to have a pottery with a coffee shop and do my hobby full time.

Not having a fixed style or design affords me the chance to experiment and be creative. Currently my focus is on making functional items  which can be used rather than decorative arty pieces.  I produce work using a variety of methods – on the wheel, using a slab roller and slip cast moulding.

Me on the Pottery wheel

My new passion is Raku and have recently built a Raku kiln to practice this Japanese art of ceramics. Hopefully in the next year, I will be able to start running  day and weekend taster sessions / workshops to show people this wonderful technique.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and if anything is of interest to you, please get in contact.

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“ I thought clay must feel happy in the good potters hands”
Janet Finch